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Hi,  I am Céline, and I am a massage therapist.



Céline Michel

 Osteothaï massage,
Intuitif massage
Deep massage
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“Take care of your body, it’s the only place where you will have to stay  all your life”

Massages Goudargues

What kind of massage for me today?

You are unique, your massage will be too!

My approach of massage is holistic and welcomes you both physicaly than emotionaly. We will take  time to talk about your needs. You won’t be massaged as was the personne before you! Over the time my hands and my touch have evolved. I’ve learned to understand, throught dialogue and feeling, how to massage you at this moment.000

To give priority to quality, I give only a few massages a day. Considerate to reserve yours as soon as you can.00

Meeting beetween thaï massage and osteopathy. A bridge from Orient to Occident melting the power of thaï massage to the precision and the feeling of osteopathy, while remaining a massage..


Slow and envelopping movements coming to filling a need for softness and relaxation.


Massage combining deep work, joints mobilizations and stretching. For someone who is in search of power!


Focus on the back here where I will search in osteothaï technics, in the deep-massage or in the relaxant to work and release its tensions.


Massage for release the feet, stimulates and balances the body …


Deeply relaxing massage that allows an immediate stress and tensions release. Magic against fatigue, smoothes the face and calms the mind!


Freeing and releasing the one whe call our second brain…


Harmonise vital energy, bring back body and mental to a balance  closest to its naturel.


Respond to a need of cocooning, helps the body preparing to birth and offers asupport during this special point in life…


The treatment which combines each massage! When there is a need for a let go but also a need for a deep work on your back, for example. Adapted to your needs, I will search in enveloping movements of the relaxant, in the musculary work of the deep, or in the techniques of osteothaï to make this massage yours.